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Exclusive representatives for Colombia of J.Pröpster

Leading company in the manufacture of accessories for the installation of lightning protection systems.

Conductor Fastener

Meets the standard EN 62561-4 y UL 96


Niro-Clip System


Niro-Clip system is original and patented since 1984. It is the first conductor fastener made of stainless steel for the construction of lightning protection systems. A multifunctional conductor fastener for wires that adapts to multiples types of walls and roofs, like Kalzip and RIB-Roof 500.


  • Maximum mechanical strength

  • 100% weather resistant

  • Easy to use: Simply push in the wire and it is secured as if it were screwed

  • The lightning conductor remains straight despite the temperature-related longitudinal adjustment.

  • Niro-Clip conductor fastener patented


Niro-Clip System

PR-ÖKO System



  • Weather-resistant: plastic component made of HD-PE material, can be installed at cold temperatures of up to -10°C.

  • Specification: Compressed concrete block (weight: 1 kg) - 100% recyclable.

  • No frost-sensitive cavities and recesses: totally frost-resistant.

Conductors Fasteners


We also have a tape conductor holder when it uses a flat conductor

Grapas y soportes
grapas y soportes


Meets the standard EN 62561-4 y UL 96


Multi-Clamp System


It was invented and patented by Pröpster in 1981. It is the most versatile lightning protection component, as well as it is the basic element of the system.


  • The universal use of the Multi-Clamp as T, cross, parallel, thrust and connection clamp is unmatched.

  • Only one clamp for all wire connections

  • Maximum contact due to consistent clamping

  • Extremely shortened installation time - only one screw M10

  • Optimal handling at planning, acquisition and storage.

  • Manufacture in aluminum, copper, stainless steel and steel hot galvanized.

Grapa Instalada

Multi-Clamp System


Other Clamps

  • Terminal clamp, heavy-duty type

  • Disconnecting clamp -System Vario

  • Fixed earthing terminal


Besides we have accessories for earthing pipe clamp and equipontial boding bars


Air Termination


Air termination with anchors installation

  • Manufacture with the IEC 62561-2 and UL 96 standard

  • Unique base supports for the installation on the roof and edges of the structure

  • The base support includes the multi-clamp to connect the conductor, securing 4 cm of the contact area, meeting with the UL 96 standard

  • Manufacture of aluminum, steel hot galvanized and cooper.

  • Manufacture in different measures (diameters and lengths)- The standard is 5/8 in diameter for aluminum and stainless steel, and 1/2 for cooper.